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Chainsaw Dissection - Manic Disemboweler Album

Chainsaw Dissection - Manic Disemboweler Album
Performer: Chainsaw Dissection
Title: Manic Disemboweler
Country: US
Genre: Rock
Style:Death Metal
Released: 2010
Label: Macabre Mastermind Records
MP3 album: 2944 mb
FLAC album: 1976 mb
1Children Of The Porn5:07
2Unleashing The Undead4:44
3Cock On A Chopping Block2:47
4Zombie Leprosy3:01
5Corpse Chamber4:53
6Ghoul Hunters5:02
7Eyeball Sauce2:03
8Slicing Genitals4:30
9Grave Violator2:40
10Head Sewn On Backwards2:37
11Make The Bitch Pay3:14
12In Love With Your Corpse5:08
13Hands Of Death3:56
14Violent Night4:08
15Circle Of Hell2:35
17Gross Decay1:23
18Manic Disemboweler3:11
19Hungry Are The Dead1:16
20Drill Bit Sodomy1:18
22Skinned Carcass2:29
23Savage Death3:46
25Infernal Terror3:54
26Hungry For Viscera3:50
27Corpse Ripping5:20
28Found In Pieces3:33
29Gorging On Intestines0:44
30Female Butcher4:07
31Alone In The Morgue3:44
33Master Of Gore3:23
34Horrid Mutilation4:23
35Slicing Tender Flesh0:43
37Depraved Anatomization4:23
38Corpse Worms3:29
39Chomping Corpses4:29
40Into The Heart Of Hades3:29
41Sadistic Acts3:53
42Evil Brutality1:13
43Destroyed By Evil3:01
44Shadow Of The Pentagram6:01
45Slaughtered For Fun2:34
46Cannibalistic Sickness1:22
47London Madman2:06
48Hillbilly Cannibals5:27
49Stabbed Out Inplants1:54
50Poisoned Then Slashed1:11
51Toddler Slaughter5:36
52Skilled Killer6:28
53Backwood Bitch Mutilator1:11
54Fight To Kill4:07
55Rape Her Dead3:38
56Broken Bottle Decapitation2:21
57Unholy Genocide4:43
58Maggots Feeding1:12
59Crazed Inbred2:49
60Decayed On Arrival5:23
61Axe Attack4:05
63Global Tomb3:15
64This Corpse Is Mine3:03
65Violent Suicide1:24
66Dead Raped Masterpiece1:37
67Powerdrill Abortion3:03
68Burning Casket2:03
69Edible Afterbirth1:27
70Instruments Of Dissection3:37
71Decimating The Disentombed3:26
72Clawhammer Death0:59
73Human Bones2:43
74Facial Disfigurement1:10
75Dug Up And Devoured4:24
76Defective Reannimation3:55
77Hacked With A Hatchet3:05
78Brain Craving4:53
79Praise Evil4:31
80Raping The Infants Corpse3:41
81Murdered In The Darkness6:52
82Maximum Torture1:42
83Knifed And Sliced1:47
84Frozen Fetus1:20
85Cunt Munch0:58
86Innerds Exposed4:06
87Pleasure In The Morgue1:53
88Tanted Meat1:22
89Massacred Bodies5:14
90Ground Up Brains2:33
91Abnormal Vivisection4:27
92Brutish Killers5:41
93Bloated Bodies1:03
94Sociopathic Lunatic5:53
95Predator Of The Young3:59
96Horde Of Corpses3:41
97Eating Flesh Of The Living3:48
99Rock Smashed Skull2:33
100Morbid Mayhem3:09
102Pursuing Victims6:26
104Fifty Stab Wounds1:36
105The Carver3:45
106Murder For Profit1:55
107Human Heads On The Wall3:53
108Satan's Flame3:33
110Hell Is Forever3:15
111Feeding Time2:34
112Cut In Half3:10
114Gutted On A Crucifix2:51
115Blood Ritual3:25
116Grave Feast5:31
117Butchered Then Buried4:59
120Two Dead Whores4:03
121Frenzied Amputation3:28
122Mastermind Of Cold Blooded Evil6:16
123Where Death Metal Reigns3:47
124Hell Torment4:17
127Nocturnal Paranoia4:31
128Exhuming My Murder Victim4:27
129Kill Your Family1:01
130Roasting Cadavers2:44
131Slay Her4:58
132Mutant Hunters1:25
133Slaughter Ritual5:07
134Halved And Bloodless4:00
135Torture Machines4:27
136Knife Dissection4:47
137Postmortem Lust4:20
138Prolonged Torment2:11
Collection of previously unreleased material in an 8-pack DVD case.