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ND - NUL 0 00 Album

ND - NUL 0 00 Album
Performer: ND
Title: NUL 0 00
Country: Japan
Genre: Jazz
Released: 02 Jul 2014
Catalog Number: mcd-013
Label: Moph Record
MP3 album: 1838 mb
FLAC album: 2348 mb
1BEL 7 07
2EOT 4 04
3ACK 6 06
4ETX 3 03
5STX 2 02
6ENQ 5 05
7SOH 1 01
comment from N.D .

We want to open a new window in the music scene. Not only jazz, rock, and blues, we have thoroughly mastered 20th century classical music, noise music, and ambient and drone. To begin with the conclusion, these existing music had no more than pre-established harmony.
N.D. is a project pursuing possibilities of beauty by the music. That means we don’t have to express our music in tonality, the tightly closed realm. Including the rhythms, we are pursuing expression by the sound which is the fountainhead of musical elements. It is not an instant music that relies on a software or an effect either. The music that is expressed in the fixed format is already a has-been to us. Our music may be hard to understand to some listeners who can enjoy the stereotyped music, but we think this is how the music creation should be.
Anyway, we want you to listen to this with your ears free. If you feel nothing, that’s it. But if you feel something, it’ll be the height of pleasure to us. As professional musicians, we don’t create music like nobody can understand. But our music could be not understandable to such listeners who say like “all Icelandic music should be beautiful,” or who swallow whatever pushed as a wonderful music by media, judging the whole from just one aspect. But it doesn’t really matter because the well-loved music is a result of pre-established harmony.
It might sound as if N.D.’s music is outrageously amazing, but what we’re doing could be done by any musicians with a certain level of proficiency. Respecting excellent musicians in the whole world, we just want to join them with our expression.
As a reminder to critics, this is not a merging of jazz, techno, 20th century classical music, and noise. This is a fight. This is a new concept of music, sublimating the musical expression the forerunners had created into N.D.’s style. N.D. is a continually challenging project.
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