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Thee Flanders - Deadly Secrets Album

Thee Flanders - Deadly Secrets Album
Performer: Thee Flanders
Title: Deadly Secrets
Country: Germany
Genre: Rock
Style:Psychobilly, Punk
Released: 18 Dec 2008
Catalog Number: HALB 66-6
Label: Halb 7 Records
MP3 album: 1801 mb
FLAC album: 2946 mb
1Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsEl Cattivo
2Thee FlandersTranssylvanian Express (Psychomania Mix)
Featuring – Jeroen Haamers
3Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsLittle Green Man
4 LP Thee Flanders - "Back From Hell"
5Thee FlandersRockin Corpse Grinder
6Thee FlandersPomade (Demotrack - 2000)
7Thee FlandersUndead
8Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsNudeltwist
9Thee FlandersGraveyard Hop
10Thee FlandersStray Cat Strut (Unplugged)
11Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsAnheuser Busch
12Thee FlandersDead In My Bed
13Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsNew Life
14Thee FlandersLiving Hell
15Thee FlandersBuried Alive
16Thee FlandersUndead (At Vegas)
17Thee FlandersFleischzug
18Thee Flanders666 (Flanders Vox Mix)
19Thee Flanders51st State
20Thee FlandersPerverses Schwein 2005
21Thee FlandersOnly You
22Thee FlandersErna P.
23Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsFlanders Boogie
24Thee FlandersStray Cat Strut
25Thee FlandersWanna Be
26Thee FlandersMaria
27Thee FlandersHillbilly Cannibals
28Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsEvil In Human Shape
29Thee FlandersRocking Corpse Grinder
30Thee FlandersOutro
31Thee FlandersThe Witch (Demo Version)
32Thee FlandersSchizophrenic Bastard
33Thee FlandersSix Ways
34Thee FlandersDead In My Bed (Live Dec 04)
Featuring – David
35Thee FlandersTranssylvanian Express
Featuring – Jeroen Haamers
36Thee FlandersRomantik (Economy Version)
37Thee FlandersJack The Ripper
38 LP Thee Flanders - "Monsterparty"
39Thee FlandersGuilty '06
40Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsReal Love
41 CD Thee Flanders - "Best Of"
42Thee FlandersPervy In The Park
43Thee FlandersFuck You
44Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsDemon Rebels
45Thee FlandersNo Escape - Killer In My Dreams -
46 7" Thee Flanders - "Erna P."
47Thee FlandersAnsage Bela B.
48Thee FlandersHappy Endings
49Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsHey Junge
50Thee FlandersMaster & Servant
51Thee FlandersIntro
52Thee FlandersBuried Alive (Sargdeckel Mix)
53Thee FlandersThe Circus
54Thee FlandersHalloween
55Thee FlandersVision Of The Dead
56Thee FlandersIch Lieb Mich (Demotrack - 1999)
57 LP Thee Flanders - "Graverobbing"
58Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsQueen Of Pain
59Thee FlandersFleischzug
Featuring – Köfte Deville
60Thee FlandersDead In My Bed (Flanders Vox Mix)
61Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsIntro
62Thee FlandersJack The Ripper (Live May 07)
63Thee FlandersWhite Wedding (Demoversion)
64Thee FlandersStupid Over You (The Promotion Song)
65Thee FlandersThe Crazed
66Thee Flanders666
67 LP Ted Flanders And The Hot Wings - "...Denn Sie Wissen Nicht, Was Sie Tun!"
68Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsPomade
69Thee FlandersFlanders Boogie
70Thee FlandersPerverses Schwein
71Thee FlandersSuicide
72Thee FlandersGuilty
73Thee FlandersPerverses Schwein '05
74Thee FlandersFleischzug (7" Version)
Featuring – Koefte
75 LP Thee Flanders - "...Punkabilly From Hell!"
76Thee FlandersDeadly Secrets
77Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsBonanza Rider
78Thee FlandersZombies Horror Show
79Thee FlandersHunting Demons
80Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsLos Flandos
81Thee FlandersFunnel Of Love
82Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsIch Brauch Keinen Grund
83Thee FlandersHandle With Care
84Thee FlandersErna P. (Live May 07)
85Thee FlandersAmok
86Thee FlandersWild And Free
87Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsWet Dream
88Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsHalloween
89Thee FlandersFalling Down
90Thee FlandersTranssylvanian Express (Demoversion)
91Thee FlandersVision Of The End
92Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsIch Lieb Mich - Live
93Thee FlandersHoly Whore
94Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsIch Lieb Mich
95Thee FlandersDon't Want You Baby
96Thee FlandersOn Your Way
97Ted Flanders And The Hot WingsPet Semetary
LP Ted Flanders And The Hot Wings - "...Denn Sie Wissen Nicht, Was Sie Tun!"
Tracks taken from the first 2 Demotapes and "bonus trash".

LP Thee Flanders - "Back From Hell"
The band logo with signatures of all band members is engraved on Side B.

7" Thee Flanders - "Erna P."
Track A1 isn't listed on the cover or record label (name of title taken from Halb 7 Records website).

CD Thee Flanders - "Best Of"
Track 1 and 2 taken from the album "Spirit Of 666". Track 3 taken from splitalbum "Psychobilly Ratpack No.1" . Track 4-6 taken from the coveralbum "Graverobbing" . Track 7 and 19 taken from the "Erna P." EP . Track 8 and 9 taken from the album "Back From Hell" . Track 10-13 taken from the album "Monsterparty!" . Track 14 and 15 taken from the album "Punkabilly From Hell" . Track 16 taken from the "Psychomania Fanzine No.2" compilation. Track 17 taken from the "A Tribute To Bud Spencer / Terence Hill" compilation. Tracks 18 and 20-23 are unreleased. Track 24 and 25 taken from the "...Denn Sie Wissen Nicht, Was Sie Tun" LP (only avaible in this box).

The box includes Thee Flanders first 4 albums "...Punkabilly From Hell!", "Monsterparty", "Back From Hell" and "Graverobbing", their single "Erna P.", a Best Of CD and a Bonus LP called "...Denn Sie Wissen Nicht, Was Sie Tun!". All recorded are new designed and made with the screen-printing technique.

Also included:
- signed booklet with band biography and discography
- signed postcard (made with the screen-printing technique)
- Thee Flanders calender 2009-2010
- sticker
- Posters (Graverobbing, Back From Hell, Monster Party, Punkabilly From Hell, 10 Years, Psychomania 1, Psychomania 2, Concert in Magdeburg, Psychobilly Ratpack Record Release Party)
- Flyers (Demented Are Go concert in Wien, Psychomania Rumble 1, Psychomania Rumble 2, Psychomania Rumble 3, Monster Party Promo, Erna P. Promo, Graverobbing Promo, Bela B. conzert , 15 Jahre Halb 7 Records conzert , Punkabilly From Hell Record Release Party, Tour 2005 Promo, Psychobilly Ratpack Record Release Party, Back From Hell Promo, Mad Sin concert in Leipzig, Halloween in Kiel, Satanic Stomp 2009)
- Psychomania No.2 Fanzine

Limited to 99 handnumbered boxes.